We begin by scheduling a preliminary phone call to discuss your needs. During this call we would address the below questions:

What is your brand identity?

We would like to know the DNA of your brand.

If you are in preconception stage of your company, then we would help you identify the DNA by brainstorming with you.

Who is your customer?

If you are an established brand, we would kindly ask you to share with us information on your customer’s profile.

If you are brand new start up, we will work with you to identify your target audience.

What is your design aesthetic?

What is your style and design aesthetic?

Which brands do you admire?

Who is your competition?

What is the big vision?

We would like to know the whole picture- your short term and long term vision for the company you are building.

What kind of product would you like us to design for you?

We would like to know:

  • Are you looking for us to create a small capsule collection for you or an entire product line?
  • How many product categories would we be designing for?
What is the price point of the final product?

Knowing the target price point of the final product will help us create responsible design starting from the seed stage.

Where will the product be manufactured?

Knowing the factory is knowing the hand that will work on both prototypes and production.

Our design, selection of materials and technical drawings would vary depending on where the product is being produced.

If you haven’t landed a contract with a factory yet, we would be happy to be a liaison between you and one of our trusted factory contacts.

What would be the size of your collection?

What would be the production volume of your products?

Production minimums could often be a hurdle when starting a new business. We would be happy to assist you with ideas on how to go around this issue.

What are the calendar milestones?

We would like to know your target market/presentation dates.

We will then work backwards from these dates to create the design and development calendar.

Fabrics, leathers, trims...do you have your suppliers sorted?

Will you expect us to source materials for you as part of the design process?

Do you already have established relationships with mills and tanneries or would you like to use our resource network?

Have you edited suitable materials direction for your concept?  For example, if you are standing for sustainability or animal rights etc…the selection process would be tailored accordingly.


Will you need help merchandising your collection?

Editing and merchandising your collection in the right way, before you present it to buyers, makes all the difference in the amount of sales you generate.

It is often very useful to have the designer help you edit the collection and prepare for sales presentation. This way the design creation would have come a full circle.

How will your product be sold?

Are you going to be selling primarily on social media or through your website?

Are you looking to open your own retail location?

Or are you planning to sell wholesale?

Have you already landed accounts or are you yet to start looking for stores to carry your line?

We are happy to help you define your go-to-market strategy or help you expand on your already existing markets.

Who are your competitors?

Where do you plan to stand in the market place?

Who are you similar to and who will you compete against?


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    “The incredible discipline and dedication with which Lora approaches every project makes her a unique artist who through her aesthetic revelations challenges the conventional status quo of her industry and evidences the need for such rare artists in the highly competitive world of design.”

    Cay Sophie Rabinowitz (Founder/editor of Osmos Magazine,Co-founder of Fantom magazine, Artistic Director of Art Basel)

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